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Monday, August 22, 2011

Praise to the Man

Yesterday I had the oppurtunity to substitute primary. I taught the 8 year-olds.  After class when we went into Sharing Time, we were having an activity that involved singing some songs.  I had gotten a little preoccupied with Deklan but could overhear all the kids saying, "oh we don't need help with the words, we know this one."   Then the piano started playing and I heard the most amazing thing.  The kids were singing "Praise to the Man" at the top of their lungs, they new every word and you could hear their testimony of Joseph Smith in their voice.   I could not hold back the tears, the spirit was so strong.  We do own praise to the man who sacrificed so much to restore this gospel back to the earth. I am thankful for him and thankful for his family who went through so much with him.  I can't imagine the turmoil that was felt by that family, but yet stood by him while he did what he knew was right, and did what the Lord asked him to do.  I hope that if I was presented with a similar task that I would respond with as much faith as he did.

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