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Saturday, May 21, 2011

What is next??

It was time to start our family. I had always had dreams of being a mom and I knew that Nate would be a wonderful dad.

A few months later, we found out that we were expecting and were so excited.

Breaking the news

It was so fun to tell our families about the new baby. Nate’s brother and his family were coming to visit from South Dakota and so we waited until his whole family was together to tell them. All the adults went out to dinner at the new Thai restaurant in town. Nate and I had worked for days before on our plan to break the news. We bought fortune cookies, removed the fortune and replaced it with our own special message. This was no easy task. I think we went through 40 fortune cookies just to get 10 that weren’t broken. Then we had to carefully reseal the packages so that they would have no idea. When the waitress delivered the cookies to our table, everyone looked a little confused. ~Thai restaurants don’t serve fortune cookies, but they all dug in anyways. Everyone was so excited! The waitress and a few other employees knew what was going on so they shared in our excitement as well.

I found an adorable book about going to Grandma’s house and how much grandmas love their grandkids and gave it to my mom. All the grandkids were there with most of my siblings. She read the book to all of us and on the last page of the book was our first ultrasound picture. Everyone was so excited! My mom and I shared some tears of joy together, this was something that her and I had talked about and dreamed about for many years.

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