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Monday, October 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home

After visiting family in Idaho for a month. Deklan and I are back in Florida and adjusting to the humidity again.   We had such a wonderful time in Idaho, but we did miss Nate an awful lot and are glad to be back.  Idaho was eventful as always. Here is a list of things we did.

1) we got to meet Deklan's newest cousin, Cailee Brielle Chandler.  She is beautiful and I enjoyed snuggling with her very much.

2) Deklan got Rosiola, which resulted in a high fever, a seizure and a horrible rash.  Poor little thing was miserable.

3) Went to Utah for a couple of days and got to see Nate's sister and her two adorable boys.  I loved visiting with her, we always have the best talks.  Also, got to see Nate's brothers family in Heber. We never get to spend enough time with them. Nate and I left Deklan with his Aunt Elise for a couple of hours while we enjoyed dinner with Jared and Shauna. That was the first time leaving him with someone besides his grandmas.  Thank you Elise, you did a great job.

4) Deklan got his first tooth. It is so cute!

5)  Crafts Crafts Crafts!  I did tons of crafting. I made a few halloween decorations for my house and then made some Christmas gifts as well.  I love projects!

6)  Repainted and Decorated my old room at my mom's house.  We turned my room into a beautiful guest room with all antique furniture. It was beautiful.

7) Family Family Family!  We spent tons of time just visiting and relaxing with family.  

I took tons of pictures while we were there, but they are on my mom's camera, so I will have to add them to the post later.

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  1. You were here for a whole month! I'm glad you got to spend so much time with family. I wanted to invite you and Deklan to story time I didn't know you were here for so long! The Halloween get together won't be the same with out the Jensen's! That's sad poor little Deklan got sick good thing he has such a good mom to take care of him! Keep up your blog! I love reading how you are all doing!